Between The Lines


between the lines is an interactive art installation trying to bring the abstract, personal and emotional feeling of distance into a graphical and measurable equivalent. the science of proxemics made visible.

the two visitors of the installation are recognized via a motion tracking system and their use of space is made visible with a video projector. they now can interact with each other until they reach the perfect distance. in this event their personal line is being projected on the ground and can be compared to the visitors before them.


every culture or place has its distinctive way of behaving in and interacting with personal space. the generated data of time and spatial position in the room can be processed and allows it to experience these characteristic traits in a visual way.


our personal memory of persons and places is strongly connected to the distance or closeness we share(d) with them. the data of time and position in the installation can be later reproduced in various forms to preserve these specific moments.


designed and coded with daniel zenker during our 3rd semester in media design at the baden-wuerttemberg cooperative state university. realized with microsoft kinect 2.0, vvvv, adobe cc, long nights with no sleep and lots of mate.​​​​​​​

special thanks go out to roman grasylaurels rinke and michael müller.